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Nina Helweg

Founder of design birdy

Designer, creative consultant

"I’m Nina, your design birdy! At home in Sóller (ES), Zurich (CH) and Copenhagen (DK). Perfect setting to become a digital nomad. I did. It’s inspiring." 

Years of experience in online and offline design. 2018 design birdy, the companion to email birdy, came to my mind and started of with some great assignments. I absolutely love it! Working from anywhere, anytime, feather-light and flexible. Win-win for clients and for me. Working with highly experienced Freelancers, when needed, enables a lean business concept. 
It’s simple, it works. 


Piero Lagonigro


Creative consultant / Designer

Piero is still deciding what to tell you guys about himself, there's so much to choose from...

An extraordinarily gifted art painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Originally from Mexico and Italy. Also lived various inspiring places like L.A, London and Rome. Now using his broad spectrum of creative talents to work as a freelance for design birdy.

Lisa Mendez

Programmer (freelance)

I'm Lisa and I become a birdy whenever needed. I'm ready to do some programming. I love to work from all over the world.

Highly experienced freelance programmer. Gets the job done fast and meticulously.

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